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Arrival at Singapore’s Changi International Airport

In addition to exploring Singapore, I also blocked off a whole day to explore Changi International Airport. Frequently regarded as one of the best airports in the world, I was interested in it enough that I decided to devote a whole 12 hours to fully exploring it.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04425-FullWM

I arrived at Changi at midnight, and instead of leaving the airport, I stayed there at one of the hotels within the secure “sterile” area. Quite a nice luxury! My room was basic, but clean and quiet, and included access to the gym and rooftop swimming pool and bar. Decent amenities for an airport hotel room inside the airport!

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04338-FullWM
2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04339-FullWM
2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04350-FullWM

One of the many quiet lounges to relax in – all with free super-fast wifi interent.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04359-FullWM

The rooftop cactus garden, with bar.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04369-FullWM

Structural Garden

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04370-FullWM

One of the many luxurious waiting areas, with spectacular views of the airplane operations.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04404-FullWM

Candy, free, at all info desks. All of the info desk people spoke great english.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04413-FullWM

Another one of the outdoor gardens, which was nice to wander through..

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04416-FullWM

Should the free wifi kill your phone’s battery, there’s free, secure charging stands everywhere – including for the new iPhone5 Lightening connector!

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04423-FullWM

The butterfly garden, with a ton of beautiful butterflies.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04447-FullWM
2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04501-FullWM

Any electronics you want can be bought at the airport.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04524-FullWM

Free, 24/7 movie theater.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04526-FullWM
2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04529-FullWM

The oh so relaxing indoor Bamboo Garden.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04538-FullWM

Sports area

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04541-FullWM

Serene Koi Pond

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04548-FullWM

Of course there’s a rooftop Sunflower Garden.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04550-FullWM

Another smaller movie theater.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04552-FullWM

LAN Gaming Room

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04553-FullWM

A little bit of home.. they have my favourite travel store, Flight001!

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04554-FullWM

The lobby of one of the airport hotels.

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04556-FullWM

And finally, the grand finish, the multi-story slide. Awesome!

2013-04-11 Singapore - DSC04562-FullWM

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