Team 4 – Emergency Medical Response

Among my many jobs at the South Pole Station, one of them is as an Emergency Medical Responder on “Team 4” – I’m a certified Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician. If any kind of emergency happens on station, it’s our job to take care of any medical or trauma patients. Additionally, I acted as one of the team trainers – during our weekly meetings, I went over skills such as Patient Assessment and Extrication as a skills brush-up for the team. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work hand in hand with the south pole’s fire crew. Here’s a quick pic from during one of our “MCI” drills. We’ve just transported a number of patients from the LO arch – where the “incident” was simulated to have taken place, to the medical clinic, and are now in the middle of triaging patients. Note that this was just a drill, no real patients were involved or put at risk by me pausing to take a pic.

2012-12-09 Team4 - DSC06668-2000-90

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  1. […] I also worked as an emergency medical responder on the station’s “Team 4″, which was in charge of emergency medical response. I worked alongside the fire crew, our nurse, and the station’s lead physician Dr. Sean Roden. More: Team 4 – Emergency Medical Response. […]