Open Mic Night

Living at the South Pole is hard. We live hard here – it’s constantly at least -30 degrees F outside, the sun is always shining bright, there’s always wind, and the running of the critical life support systems in the station is constantly hanging on by a thread. We also work hard – everybody has a minimum 54 hour work week, and many many of our free time is spent helping out on other projects. So that means that we also have to play hard.

Recreation and relaxation her is taken seriously. Without an outlet to unwind, people will freak our, and the morale and overall environment will go downhill quickly. To relieve stress, we have a number of facilities and activities here. Facilities include a gym, a workout room, a few lounges, a movie screening room, a game room with pool table and ping pong table, a sauna, a rock climbing wall, a weight room, and a nordic ski trail.

Last sunday night, we had an open mic night in the gym. With everyone assembled next to a reused supply drop drag parachute, we spent the night listening to all sorts or performances. A great way to relax and forget that we’re all at one of the most remote places on earth.

2012-11-17 All Hands and Open Mic - NPX Open Mic Night-1600-80