All Hands On Deck at the South Pole

Currently at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, we have a population of 135 people. That includes all scientists, support staff, visitors, and contractors – and we all live in this elevated station above the ice together. After the first week of the season, an all-station meeting was called in where other than The Galley. Here’s a quick panorama of the entire Summer 2012-2013 South Pole Station Crew, assembled.

2012-11-17 All Hands and Open Mic - DSC02042-1600-80

And also for interest, we keep close track of not only how many people we have, but also how many of our precious resources we’re using. Here’s one of the info screen that cycles on the displays in the Galley (Along with flights, weather, satellite internet uptime, south pole traverse progress, etc). We also all have access to this info on our intranet.