Printing On Fabric Using Sunlight And An iPhone

Jesse Genet of Lumi is offering a new product that lets users print their pictures on fabric using the company’s Lumityper app, and printing with their Inkodye system. Very cool application of tech+crafts. Found via Alan and DesignTaxi. Support Jesse on Kickstarter.

About the process:

Taking photography out of the darkroom, Jesse Genet of Lumi has created a way for everyone to produce photographic prints on textiles and natural materials.

Using the ‘Lumityper’ app, users can take a picture using their iPhone and convert it into a negative, then print the negative onto a transparent film.

With the company’s ‘Inkodye’—a water-based dilute-able, mixable dye that develops in the sunlight—users can apply it on a fabric, place the negative on the fabric, leave the fabric out in the sun, and watch the print appear.

Users would then have to wash the fabric with a special solution. Once fixed, the color becomes permanent and can go through repeated washes without fading.

About Lumi, who is partnered with Cisco Home:

Lumi is a design team pioneering the Lumityping process, a revolutionary photographic print process for textiles and natural materials. We’re taking photography out of the darkroom by using sunlight to make durable prints on sustainable materials.

Our workshop in Los Angeles is where we developed Inkodye and use it to create fashion and furniture designs. See our work with our furniture partner, Cisco Home.

The Future Of Silkscreen: Print On Fabric Using Sunlight And An iPhone –

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