Bring Your Own Desktop – My Kind of Workspace

Today, Xigo published this interesting graphic on the “Bring Your Own Desktop” office scheme. Your company provides you the office space and desk space, and you’re free to bring whatever tech you need to get your job done.

This rings true for my current work setup. At my current job, I use my own Macbook Air, my own phone and Skype account, and more or less have complete control over my setup. My employer generally picks up any incedental charges – account credit, etc. I love working this way, because I have things setup just the way I want them. On the flip side, the companys overhead is a lot lower, at the slight cost of trusting their employees with having more personal access to more data. And speaking of data – since our file server is currently Dropbox, our mail, calendaring, and document creation handled by Google Apps, and our billing handled online, there’s actually no local data kept at the office – so we don’t need to have any specially configured hardware to access our company “in the cloud” – just an internet connection.

Here’s the infographic:

Three in four companies support BYOD schemes [infographic] | TabTimes.