Biking the 110 Mile Gran Fondo NY

Last sunday was the Gran Fondo NY, a 110 mile bike ride through NJ and NY, done in the classic Italian Style. My friend Chris came up from DC for the ride, and we met up with a group of friends. I did the ride on my new Cannondale SuperSix bike, which I love.

A bit on the Gran Fondo:

Gran Fondo New York brings Italian cycling culture to the world’s greatest city on May 19, 2013. Join thousands of cyclists on a challenging 110-mile Gran Fondo New York course from New York City to Bear Mountain and back in an experience fit for a pro and open to anyone who loves to ride.

The Couse:

Gran Fondo New York starts with a bang on the world’s most travelled bridge, George Washington Bridge, exclusively closed for you. Enjoy magnificent views of Manhattan during this once in a lifetime car free stint. Following Hudson upstream on rural roads and through scenic towns, riders will compete against each other and themselves on a timed climbs which will count towards the King and Queen of Mountain competition. The featured climb of the event and Cima Coppi (highest point of the ride) is the nearly four mile climb up to Bear Mountain in Harriman State Park. After descending, the course will wind its way back, hitting two more timed climbs before finishing in Weehawken with stunning NYC views.

The total ride distance is 110miles/177k and the elevation gain is 8,500ft/2,800m.

A few pics and videos from the ride:

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3 responses to “Biking the 110 Mile Gran Fondo NY”

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