I Just Licensed a Photo of the Foursquare Team on Teleportd

This week, shortly after taking and tweeting a picture of the production of a Foursquare video shoot, a team member from startum Teleportd reached out to me to license my photo, for further distribution. By following the link, I was presented with a mobile optimized, very simple workflow that allowed me to specify the rights to license the photo under, how much I wanted to be paid, and how I wanted to be paid. The entire proces took 1 minute.

A bit more about Teleportd, from TechCrunch’s Crunchbase:

More and more public content is posted and shared through photo sharing apps. Nevertheless public photos are not easily searchable. teleportd is a realtime photo search engine that aggregates public content from most mobile photos apps, makes sense of it and allows you to search for – and see – what is going on all over the world at any time. Either from its iPhone application launched today or the website https://teleportd.com, users can instantaneously access the live stream of photos being taken at a location or event of their choosing. Use cases can vary: a fashion show in NYC, a riot in the Middle east or bars down the street on a Saturday night… But the experience is always the same: a smooth stream of live photos that would you might otherwise never have seen.

Teleportd’s tweet to me

Teleportd tweet

Teleportd – Live Photos from the Smartphone Generation.