How About A Rent-By-Day Office to Accompany your AirBnB apt? Loosecubes.

How About A Rent-By-Day Office to Accompany your AirBnB apt? Loosecubes.

Good friend Kelly just shared this new site with me. Loosecubes is like the AirBnB for officespace. Companies can post their free desk and office space on the site, and workers of all types – freelancers, travelers, etc can find temporary working space at those open desks.

Loosecubes’ blurb:

What is Loosecubes?
Loosecubes is a global office sharing community. We connect members who have an empty desk, studio or sofa with other members who need a productive and inspiring place to work. Loosecubes makes it easy to find the right people to share your workday with.

How does it work?
Loosecubes matches business owners who have extra space to share by the day with members who need a place to work every now and again. Entrepreneurs, travelers, remote workers and independents can find a great workspace wherever and whenever they need it.

Things seem to be going well for Loosecubes. They were written up in JWT’s 100 Things To Watch in 2012, and were recently featured in a Smart Planet Blog Post. I’ll definitely be signing up, as a renter right now, and possibly a host soon, depending on how my new office’s space shapes up.

I love this new-ish concept of open space sharing. People have extra space not being used, and can put it up for use on an open marketplace. Market forces dictate the pricing, and people who need space get it. Keeps things lean and optimized. I’m a huge fan of AirBnB, and use it frequently with my own space.

Find shared office space by the day or month on Loosecubes.

Loosecubes HQ from Hejorama on Vimeo.

Previously, I’ve written about AirBnB.

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