How To Write Without Distractions

Just write. Don’t do anything else. Don’t get distracted by a million buttons, notifications, messages, and reminders. Just write. That’s what QuietWrite helps you do, and that’s why I love it.

I write on my blog frequently, and often need a quick easy place to take notes, and get my thoughts down. I love the ability to instantly have a clean, uncomplicated writing space that’s devoid of all distractions.

QuietWrite is great for moments when I’m feeling like I need to get a great idea out in an email but don’t want to wait for Gmail to load up its full interface. It’s great for when I am talking with somebody and quickly need to load up a note space to take quick notes. It’s great for when I just need to rearrange and edit my writings to make sense of it all.

In the same sense, I need a quiet writing space for my blog posts, such as this one. And for this, I really love WordPress’ “fullscreen” mode. It’s very very similar to the QuietWrite interface, except that it’s contained within each blog post I write. Simply hit the “full screen” button in WordPress, and instantly all of the complicated blog posting controls fade away, and all I’m left with is a blank screen for typing out my blog post. QuietWrite seems to have gotten wind of WordPress’ fullscreen mode, and this is their response: An Antidote for Blogging Clutter. WordPress Fullscreen Mode works both in a browser window, but really shines when my browser is full screen:

So, when you’re feeling distracted, and just need to make the computer “transparent” and get your thoughts down, try Quiet Write, and for your blog, try WordPress’ Full Screen button.

And when you’re offline and still need a clean screen on which to write, try OmmWriter.

Introducing OmmWriter D?na from hs&co on Vimeo.