I’m Working with Fueled, Mobile Agency in NYC

I’m Working with Fueled, Mobile Agency in NYC

Today is the first day of.. the rest of my life? Definitely. A new job? Surely. A great reason to come back to NYC after traveling for almost a year? I certainly hope so.

After traveling around the world for nearly a year, I’ve returned to NYC to start a new job. I’m working at Fueled. Fueled is a NYC mobile agency. We specialize in full service mobile application and website strategy, design, development, and optimization. We have offices in NYC, London and Chicago, with clients all around the world. Right now we’re about 30 people, and growing rapidly. I’m coming onto the Fueled team to fill three separate roles.

  • Director of Marketing – I’m working internally on Fueled’s marketing. I’m directing all levels of marketing for the Fueled brand, including SEO and SEM.
  • Producer – I’m working with our awesome clients to produce the most amazing mobile apps and websites out there.
  • Business Development – I’m talking to some of the best companies to get them on board with Fueled. Have an app in mind? Hit me up.
For more info about Fueled, see our website, as well as these three pitch decks:

A new job is certainly an adjustment to get used to. A new team, new responsibilities, new clients – and a new office. Yes, an office, that I come into almost every day. Luckily, we all do a bit of telecommuting, so I’m hoping to still remain somewhat free to travel and work remotely, but for the most part I’ll be chained to NYC.

I’m looking forward to getting back into life in NYC, and starting up with a great new team of people!

Some of Fueled’s clients:

(links to locally stored copies of fueled decks: mobile, web, redesign)



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  2. Congrats Jeff. The transition is tough, but im confident you’ll fit right in.

    Have fun, sounds like a good opportunity

    Hope all is well


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