NOLS WOE Tetons Ski Mountaineering Expedition: Day 10 – Jake Deserts The Group

A dramatic day. With the season’s biggest snowstorm bearing down on us, a sick and weak Jake defies the group and deserts. Notes:

  • Standard 6am wakeup.
  • After breakfast when we’re all fighting through the snowstorm to ready gear and ourselves for a long day od backcountry skiing, Jake decides that he’s had enough of riding out the storm in camp. He decides to defy the instructors and group, and sets off alone to trek back to the road. His plan is to make it back to the road and hitchhike to the hospital. We cant stop him from leaving, so we assemble a group to follow him and make sure he makes it to the road safely. Roger also calls in on the satellite phone to arrange for emergency transportation to be waiting for Jake, despite Teton pass being closed because of the storm.
  • Jake leaves, and Emily heads up following team to make sure he makes it ok. They’re currently still away, and we’re hoping they make it back to camp by tomorrow.
  • Instructors have been very diligent in making sure all evacuation and safety procedures are followed throughout this. Group safety has obviously always been top priority.
  • In the afternoon, a few of us went back to the hill to ski. After receiving a few feet of fresh powder from the storm, both climbing up and skiing down are very hard and slow. We only last 2 runs
  • Back in camp, we make a fire on the snow in the place of the first kitchen. Amazing being able to make a fire on the snow! Roger holds forum on all the drama with Jake. Very good to be able to talk about it as a group.
  • I made dinner tonight in hard driving snow.. Kept losing vessels and utensils because they keep getting covered with snow.
  • Tomorrow, more skiing and ride out the biggest storm of the season.