Apple Launches iTunes Match – With 25,000 Song Limit

Apple Launches iTunes Match – With 25,000 Song Limit

Apple finally made its iTunes Match service available to the public today, coupled with the latest iTunes 10.5.1 update. Users may subscribe for $25/year, and have access to “all” of their iTunes music from the cloud – with a catch.

In the fine print, you’ll see that the matching service is limited to 25,000 songs. But that’s not all. Not only can you only sync 25,000 songs with iTunes match, but iTunes Match won’t even turn on with a library of more than 25,000 songs. Nope, if you have more than the limit, there’s no way to even select a portion of your library to use with match. No special iTunes Match playlist to denote songs you want to sync, no special filters to find only the 25,000 most recently added songs that have equivelents on iTunes (Negating the need to upload anything), no nothing. Fail.

I loaded up my iTunes library today to eagerly turn on Match, and got this error message:

“Your library contains too many songs. To participate in iTunes Match, your library must contain no more than 25,000 songs that were not purchased from the iTunes Store.”

Surely Apple must fix this – and hopefully soon.



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  1. Why do they not allow to PAY twice the fee for twice the amount ?