The Yellow Table: Q&A with Jill Donenfeld + A New Cookbook!

Congrats Jill on a super writeup in The Yellow Table!

It’s tough to describe my friend Jill Donenfeld in just a few words. (Though impressive does come to mind…) By age 22, the personal chef and entrepreneur had already started her own business (The Culinistas) and written a cookbook (Mankafy Sakofo: Delicious Meals from Madagascar). Donenfeld founded The Culinistas in 2006 in New York City with the goal of bringing healthy, home cooked, customizable meals into the homes of busy professionals. The concept was a hit. Now, five years later, Donenfeld has expanded The Culinistas to Los Angeles and Chicago, and is coming out with her second cookbook: Party Like a Culinista (Lake Isle Press).

The Yellow Table: Q&A with Jill Donenfeld + A New Cookbook!.

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