Site Promotion Month Phase 2: Using the Hello Bar

Site Promotion Month Phase 2: Using the Hello Bar

This month, as you may have noticed, I’ve been upping the ante for promoting my site. Sure, this is just my personal website, however I do put a good amount of effort into it, and it reflects my personal brand and skillset. Additionally, I’m in the middle of a project writing a unique, original blog post every single day, for an entire year. I started it in January, and am still going strong.

Earlier this month I revamped my newletter system by making the switch from Google Feedburner Email Subscriptions over to MailChimp Email Subscriptions. So far it’s been great, and I’ll be posting a complete roundup of that experience shortly.

Phase two of my renewed marketing drive is to deploy the “Hello Bar” notification bar at the top of my site. The Hello Bar allows me to grab users attention and drive towards more newsletter signups. For now, I’m deploying the Hello Bar code by way of embedding it in this very blog post – check the source code of this post and you’ll see the javascript. By doing this, I’m creating a limited run of the bar – as soon as this post is pushed off the front page of the blog, it will no longer display. It will only display where this blog post is shown – so it will keep on pushed back further into the archives. This allows me to only run the bar for a limited time, as well as present readers browsing through the archives a functional demo of the bar.

Be sure to notice the Hello Bar at the top of this page, and of course, sign up for my MailChimp and RSS-driven newsletter.

In making the choice to embed the Hello Bar directly in this blog post, I read the Digital Telepathy blog, addressing this very issue.