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Running the Mountain Village 10K

Whew, after spending the better part of the summer at sea level, coming up to the rocky mountains at 9000 feet to train is a big adjustment. As I’ve transitioned over from life at sea to life in the mountains, I’ve started to train a bit more. The Tri State Tough Mudder is coming up, and what’s better than a little altitude training for a race at sea level.

I usually track most of my runs, bikes and swims with my Garmin Forerunner 310XT training watch, which provides good insights into how I’m doing, and what I can improve. The watch itself is pretty good, however unfortunately the online component is lacking. Training Peaks seems to be a good alternative, but Garmin makes it difficult to easily sync data to Training Peaks. Until a solution is fine, I’ll stick with Garmin Connect.

Here’s the track from my 10K course. Definitely not the best 10K I’ve done, but a good start for my first run at altitude.

Mountain Village 10K by jamfan2 at Garmin Connect – Details.

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