Hiking Amongst The Redwoods in Big Sur, California

This past Sunday, I went hiking with Brandon and Teddi in Big Sur, California. We did a 5.5 mile loop from Highway 1 into the enormous Redwood forrest and then back out to the rocky coast line. We hiked in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (park brochure PDF), from Vista Point inland on the Fire Road Trail to the Tin House, then back out to the coast on the Tan Bark Trail. The Fire Road Trail was 2.3 miles, and the Tan Bark Trail was 3.2 miles. We ended up near Partington Point, which signifies the underwater park boundary. Due to a forrest fire three years ago, there were charred trees everywhere, creating a very very dramatic landscape. Since the Redwoods are so big and dense, they don’t burn very easily – instead, their outsides simply char in the fire – leaving still living, but blackened trees everywhere.

Big Sur Hiking Photos…


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