• Recreation at McMurdo – Hiking the Observation Hill Loop Trail

    Recreation at McMurdo – Hiking the Observation Hill Loop Trail

    During my team’s time stuck at McMurdo waiting for transport to WAIS, we had a lot of free time to kill – and spent much of it taking long walks and hike around the surrounding area. Ross Island, where McMurdo is located, has its own extensive trail system. One of the more popular and accessible…

  • Exploring Fall in Colorado

    Exploring Fall in Colorado

    Fall in Colorado is beautiful, with leaves changing colors, light snow falling, and cooling temperatures. A few quick photos from the season:  

  • Hiking Hawn Mountain

    Hiking Hawn Mountain

    Hiking groups are abundant in Telluride, Colorado. Earlier this week, I went with my family to join a local hiking group on the Hawn Mountain Ridge Loop Hike. The hike is located within Grey Head, and includes the spectacular Stairway to Heaven walkway, descending down a massive scree field. View Larger Map Grayhead Stairway To…

  • Hiking Flat Top Mountain, Rocky Mountain National Park

    Hiking Flat Top Mountain, Rocky Mountain National Park

    On Oct 23rd, I hiked up Flattop Mountain with family. A few pics.. Hiking Flat Top Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Hiking in Boulder, Colorado

    Hiking in Boulder, Colorado

    What a wonderful hike up Dakota Ridge, to a beautiful view to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just outside of Boulder, Colorado. Such a nice change from the concrete canyons of my “other” life in New York City.

  • Videoblog: Hiking the Wasatch Trail in Telluride, Colorado

    Hello from the Wasatch Trail, outside of Telluride, Colorado. A videoblog for today.. Video Link Previously: Wasatch Trail Photo

  • My Father Hiking to Hope Lake

    My Father Hiking to Hope Lake

    This past week was spent hiking with my family out in Telluride, Colorado. Yesterday we did a spectacular, although rainy hike up to Hope Lake. Here’s a shot of my father as we ascended…. And the GPS track from the hike.. On YouTube….

  • Video: Hiking in Big Sur

    Video: Hiking in Big Sur

    Yesterday I posted about hiking in Big Sur, California. Here are a few video clips from the day of hiking and exploring.. a great time!

  • Hiking Amongst The Redwoods in Big Sur, California

    This past Sunday, I went hiking with Brandon and Teddi in Big Sur, California. We did a 5.5 mile loop from Highway 1 into the enormous Redwood forrest and then back out to the rocky coast line. We hiked in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (park brochure PDF), from Vista Point inland on the Fire…

  • Hiking in Telluride

    This past week I spent with Sean, Rhonda, Ben, and the rest of the Safdi crew hanging out in Telluride. Among other things, we did a bunch of great hikes. A few photos…

  • Wasatch Trail, Telluride, Colorado

    The Wasatch Trail, ascending out of Bear Creek Canyon in Telluride, Colorado takes you past very steep terrain. We made it about 30 more minutes up the trail, then got turned around by snow that still hasn’t melted off.