Online Project: World Guide

My World Guide project is straightforward and to the point – a running list of places to go, things to check out, people to see. As I surf the web every day, I always find little snippets of advice from people, and articles talking about cool and new places to go in the world. Most of the time, the place is interesting, but then there’s never any followup, and it’s hard to keep track in your head of all the places you want to go. So to deal with that, I’ve been assembling this outline of places over the years. Whenever I hear about a cool place to go, or thing to see, I simply make a not of it on this list, ordered by country. Then, whenever I’m in a particular location, I can  just refer to this list for cool things I’ve wanted to do.

Simple and effective. As I knock items off this list, I’ll be sure to note that, and post up a link to the associated blog post.

Right now the list is simply a Google Doc, and imported into my site with an iframe embed. I like this option because it makes the list easy to maintain in Google Docs, and prevents my sites “link juice” from being diluted. This may change in the future to be hard coded – but for now, it’s an iframe.


World Guide