Badlands National Park

After sleeping last night in mostly uninteresting Mitchell, South Dakota, I got an early start on the day and drove down the road to Badlands National Park. Although there was a low cloud cover and light mist most of the day, Badlands was still amazing. The scope of the erosion, and distinct levels between the upper and lower prairies was impressive, as were the colors of each layer of exposed rock.

Badlands National Park
Badlands National Park

Also today, I finally made a stop at the famous Wall Drug. Wall Drug, in Wall, SD is known for their advertisements lining the highway hundreds and hundreds of miles away. I remember road tripping as a kid and seeing signs for Wall Drug along the highway.. and so finally today I made a stop. It’s essentially a gigantic western themed gift shop, but still, impressive that it’s been built to such a huge size in the middle of nowhere.

Tonight I’m in Rapid City, SD. Tomorrow Mt. Rushmore.

Geology in Badlands National Park YouTube Video Link

Listening to: La Roux – Bulletproof (Zinc Remix) (Hype Machine Link)

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