First Summer Road Trip: Cincinnati to Denver via I-90

To start off my summer, after departing from NYC back home to Cincinnati for a few short days, I made the drive from Cincinnati, Ohio out to Denver, Colorado. I’ve done this drive many times before, always on the straight shot I-70, through Kansas and Missouri. It’s a good, efficient drive, but since I’ve done it a few times, a bit boring. This time, I decided to take the northern route, across I-90. Here’s the rough itinerary, with associate posts and photos:

Skeleton walking a dinosaur....

  • June 19 – 22nd – Cincinnati, Ohio, seeing old friends, fixing my car.
  • June 22nd – Drive to Chicago, Illinois for lunch, and then continued on to Madison, Wisconsin for dinner with a friend and sleep.
  • June 23rd – Long driving day from Madison to Mitchell, South Dakota. Mostly flat, straightforward drive
  • June 24th – Day at Badlands National Park, drive to Rapid City, SD
  • June 25th – Morning at Mt. Rushmore, drive into Denver