Recovering in Aguas Calientes

Recovering in Aguas Calientes

Finally out of the jungle, today was our day of rest and recovery.

– Stayed in a triple room at the Wyracocha Inn. Convinced them to give us the larger room for the same price, so we would have room to lay out and dry out our gear.

– Woke up at 9am and got a leisurely breakfast at a local breakfast joint on the plaza.

– Used a bit of free wifi on the main plaza to update the blog, let family know we’re still alive.

– Walked across to coffee shop for a coffee or two

– Went upstairs of coffee shop to massage parlor, got relaxing Incan massages for $25/hour.

– Walked a big lap around town, explored abandoned buildings and the uncontrolled development everywhere. Pretty terrible.

– Stopped into a local pizza joint with a balcony for some lunch. Surprisingly, the wood fired pizza was great, hit the spot.

– Walked through the market, and bought matching peruvian hats, among other things. The market was fairly large, but had obviously been “master planned” – kind of felt like we were in a disney land version of a south american market.

– Went over to the hot springs for a soak – nice and relaxing by the river, with different pools of different temperature water.

– Played some chess at a local hangout, then went over to eat some traditional Peruvian food on the plaza.

– Got back to the hotel early, in time to pack up all of our gear and get organized for the ascent to Macchu Pichu tomorrow.