Descending from the Peruvian Jungle

Descending from the Peruvian Jungle

Today was our final day in the backcountry, and introduced us to the spectacular cross-valley Macchu Pichu vista.

– Woke up this morning early again, with rays of sunlght gliding across our jungle soccer field campground to hit our tent and dry us our from the overnight rain.

– Got started hiking early, with an immediate 500m ascent to the ridge.

– As we were climbing, we passed a couple of coffee and banana farms carved into the thick jungle.

– Our muscles actually held out on the ascent, although it was not pleasant for either of us. After three consecutive 18km days with full packs, we were very sore.

– At the top of the ridge, ran into a guided hiking tour group from the states. We were both very very glsd we werent a part of a group like that.

– Although the ascent was hard, it was nothing compared to the downhill – the trail was about as steep as it could get before lansliding.

– Got our first spectacular view of Macchu Pichu from across the valley. Hiking in to it gave us a serious perspective on the true scale and location.

– Finally reached the bottom of the valley and crossed over a bucking suspemsion bridge to the hydroelectric plant area. Took a 30 minute wromg turn detour before arriving at the Hidroelectrica-Aguas Calientes train station.

– After purchasing our train tickets, relaxed a bit at a cafe next to thr train tracks, which was swamped with tour group people. Once again, felt very glad we weren’t a part of the huge group. Unsupported, “alpine style” expeditions are definitely the way to go.

– Made it to Aguas Calientes, checked into our hotel.

– Got “Chiefa” for dinner 1 – Peruvian style Chinese food.

– Got roast chicken for dinner 2

– Looking forward to a day of relaxation tomorrow.