Atlantic Ave Subway Pic Published on MSNBC

A photo I took last year inside the historical Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel was just published on MSNBC, as part of an article on accessing restricted areas in NYC.

Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel Photo by Jeffrey Donenfeld

The Empire State Building. The White House. The Tower of London. And, of course, Graceland.

When traveling, we often make a beeline for the homes of the rich and famous and to buildings that have historical significance. And there’s something appealing about reaching the top of iconic structures and walking onto observation decks offering panoramic views over a city.

But what about the places next door to those much-visited structures? Or that imposing church, government building, or residential mansion you pass by on your way to these tourist destinations? Or that shuttered factory or art-deco office building in your own home town? Don’t you sometimes wonder what’s behind those closed doors?


Read the full article about Visitors offered free access to buildings not normally open, and check out a pdf archive.