Appelfabriken to Gothensburg

Appelfabriken to Gothensburg

Eggs and toast this morning at the Appelfabriken, then Jill and I hopped in the car, bound for Gothensburg.

The first stop of the day was Drottingholm Slott, the Swedish royal family’s day to day home. Great gardens, a huge lake, and we found a giant hedge area, with hollowed out hedges and secret pathways inside….nifty.

Our next stop was in Gränna, a small town on the edge of lake Vattern in central Sweden. Granna is known for their peppermint sticks, and the whole town looked and smelled like a life size candyland. We chatted with the locals for a bit, then had lunch on a deck looking out on the lake. Seating was a little tight, so to get us a table fast, I friended the bus girl and helped bus a few tables. Before leaving Granna, Jill got some tasty ice cream from a little booth, and the girl working there, our age, let Jill practice the Swedish ice cream scooping herself!

Back in the car on our drive to Gothensburg, the highway cut through some spectacular evergreen forests. Right before getting into town, we stopped at a gas station to economically fill up our flex fuel VW Golf with E85 – ethanol.

In Gothensburg, we’re staying at a friends apartment (while they are away on vacation), and are walking through downtown now, on our way to dinner. Free wifi on the streets is great!

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