Is Twitter Moving Too Fast For Society?

Is Twitter Moving Too Fast For Society?

twitter_logo_headerIn this short video clip, Nicole Wong speaks at UC Berkeley on social responsibility and societal acceptance in using Twitter, and how society is adapting it’s usage in real time.

Interesting thoughts – she makes the comparison to the introduction of TV, Cable, and the relatively drawn out period of time when the new medium’s acceptable usage is being fleshed out by society. Today, with communication technologies moving so fast, there’s much less time for society to figure out what’s acceptable and useful – we’re in a stage of “runtime”, where the value and usage must be figured out as it’s being adopted. This “runtime” makes me think of Twitter’s potentially critical mass inducing introduction to the main stream by Jannis Krums, when he posted the famous photo of the US Airways jet down in the Hudson River on his Twitter Stream, before any formal news agencies were on the scene. Similarly, James Karl Buck was widely noted for being the first to use Twitter as a way of notifying his friends as he was being hauled to an Egyptian jail.

Video Link – The Unexpected Dangers of Twitter



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  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast…Twitter will eventually eat itself.