Turkey Day Five – Antakya to Kilis

Turkey Day Five – Antakya to Kilis

south-turkey-streetToday was filled with lots of driving, and lots of rural exploration.

We started off the day in Antakya, where we had an early morning internet cafe session, along with some fresh juice. After that we visited an orthodox church, where they were having Christmas day mass, and then went down the street for Turkish hummus, which was very heavy on the tahina, light on the chickpea.

Also, before checking out and hopping in the car, we did a quick lap through the bazaar for some dried foods, to snack on during the drive.

Our drive to Kilis took us west at first, back towards Samandag, and up into the mountains to Vakifli, the only Armenian settlement in Turkey.

The settlement was beautifully situated in the mountains looking out at the Med. We saw their church, and played with the local elementary school kids.

From Vakifle, we drove back through Atakya, and then north towards Kilis. As we got into the southern Anatolia mountains, the sun set, and we continued on the mountain roads into the night.

In Kilis, we found one of the few hotels in town, hotel Paris. The owner was nice, although the made Stephanie stay in a room separate from me and Kirk.

After checking in, Kirk and I went over to the Hamami (Turkish bath house) for a rub down, and Steph hung out in a cafe- men and women have separate times at the Hamami.

We then all had dinner and called it a night.

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