Obtrusive Advertising – TBS Pauses Family Guy mid-show

This must be the some of the worst, most obtrusive advertising I’ve seen in a long time. Last night while watching Family Guy, TBS ran a lower-third banner ad, which paused the whole show, to draw attention to the advertisement. Seriously TBS? Pausing the programming to get in more ad time? This is a serious low, and turns me away from TBS even more – their other persistent annoyance is broadcasting a stretched 4:3 image as 16:9 on their HD channel. You can tell because the TBS Logo is always stretched out on the sides, and the whole image looks warped.. especially when panning.

Check the video, and read more over on Boing Boing



3 responses to “Obtrusive Advertising – TBS Pauses Family Guy mid-show”

  1. Wow, that is RIDICULOUS!

  2. great marketing stradegy,interupt the best show on network tv to advertise for the worst. GIT R OFF THE AIR!

  3. keep updating website , i like it