Internet Famous?

A while ago I blogged about Jamie Wilkinson’s “Internet Famous” course. Now, the CNN comes out with this article, about internet fame and David Weinberger’s talk ROFLCon… Some excerpts…
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The new fame: Internet celebrity
The Internet is setting a new standard for celebrity. Fame is no longer about getting “15 minutes,” it’s about becoming famous to 15 people.
The word-of-mouth spread of any given meme is another aspect of how Internet fame differs from traditional celebrity. Even the slickest PR effort can fail miserably if Internet users choose to ignore it. The general consensus of the content providers gathered at ROFLCon is that you have to just build it, and see if they will come.
Mouse clicks determine what becomes famous and what withers away in obscurity. And the most certain way to get a huge bump in traffic is to be featured on Web news aggregators like Slashdot, Fark, Digg or Reddit, influential blogs such as Boing Boing and MetaFilter, or social bookmarking sites like
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