Back online

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The blog’s back online! I took it off line a month or two ago because, well, I was feeling bad that i hadn’t really had much time to update it with lots of quality material etc. I didn’t want it to get too stale. Also, I’ve been trying to do a big redesign for over a year, but haven’t gotten around to completing it.. by taking it off line i was hoping to force myself to re-do it. And i have… kind of.

I didnt realize that people actually read this, but i guess they do, and they told me, and complained that i should put it back online. So after some prodding etc(thanks Mercedes and Ben and everyone else!), I’ve put the blog back online. And yes, its been redesigned, but its not final. I just wanted a quick template so i could get it back online with minimal fuss and maximal cleanliness. So, here it is.

The constant updates won’t last too long, thought, as I’m going gout of town for a little while at the end of the year.

Anyway, keep checking back here for more random updates. Talk to ya soon!



One response to “Back online”

  1. Mercedes

    The minimal look is working for you, Isreal-traveling boy. I’m glad you got it back up!!