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Ok, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m working on a new template for the blog.
I’ve hinted at this many many times in the past, and have never really produced any results. However, earlier today i finally got my wordpress installation to work with my domain and hosting provider, and i’m not picking out some template elements and customizing the whole thing, learning how to use wordpress, integrating all my little widgets (like the flickr badge, youtube badge, google reader feed, etc etc etc). I’m probobly not going to go live with the new one untill ist mostly complete, or until i have the basic layout and colors done. Also, i’m sort of considering switching domain names when i do the switch to wordpress. I own about 15 of them now, mostly bought on impulse, and some of them are actually decent, and probobly wont be snickerd about as much as ILikeLasagna.com. Some of the names i’m considering, which i own are RunBlue dot com, Jeffzilla dot com. I’m really only considering switching to the first one.. but i’m not entirely convinced this is a good idea. What do you think? should i do it?



One response to “WordPress?”

  1. >I like Lasagna has character, KEEP IT!! Who cares if it gets laughs? That is a good thing because those laughs are what catch people’s attention and make them actually remember the site. RunBlue I dislike, but that is my opinion. Jeffzilla is silly. Silly Jeffzilla.