Apple Store Fifth Ave Opening

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Photobooth Warhol, originally uploaded by jamfan2.

Just got back.. from the grand opening of the Apple Store on Fifth Ave, NYC. Jill and I finally got in, after waiting in line for 3 hours, and it was fantastic.. there were about 15 staff member outside clapping and cheering as we went in, and they were handing out amazing grand opening tshirts to everyone! We went straight to the Macbooks, naturally, and Jill and I even got to play with photobooth on a new black Macbook.. fun and exciting. We watched them raffle off a macbook, as we dropped our names in the hat for the next hour.. guess we’ll see if we won one tomorrow. Also, as we were getting ready to leave, Robert Smigel, along with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog came down the stairs, with film crew in tow.. Jill got to pet Triumph, and I took pics and video!

Apple Store Photoset!

Update Update!
Just found out, we were in the same room as Kevin Bacon! As we were being entertained by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, the man himself, Kevin Bacon was chilling out right behind us! Check out this cameo video footage in Richard Blakeley’s movie of the opening.



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  1. >HERE I AM!! Total and complete sweetness! Jeff you and your sister ROCK!