Spain Nostalgia

Subject: Spain Nostalgia

Ok so I just read the latest dispatch from my friend Charles, who just arrived in Madrid, Spain, on his way to Granada… Where I studied last semester. I though i was done with the place when i left but i guess not.. looking back on it, going to study abroad, especailly in spain, was one of the best things i have ever done… i got to do a ton of traveling, refine my spanish, and learn how to live in spanish society.. it was soo cool. So anyway, wish Charles luck in spain… I’m sure he’ll have a great time partying it up in Granada… chilling at Granada10, Camborio, Jade, Mystic, Fiesta Punto, the Alhambra, Sacromonte, and going to those wonderful classes at CLM…

In other news, life in Boulder has been hectic… Althought I haven’t been doing an incredible amount of school work, its still taking up a lot of my time… i wish i could just sit down and do it all and get it over with, so i can focus on other things, but i can… just gotta make the best of it. My Acid Lounge Entertainment venture is going along well…. nothing huge yet cause i just havent had the time… but we’re working on it. I met this girl Kate the other day at a party.. shes cool and we’ve been hanging out a little lately.. guess we’ll have to see how that goes