Club156 DJ Set

Club156 DJ Set

Yeah so, I played a short DJ set at Club 156 last night… the set went ok.. I played between bands, for about half an hour.. i had a pretty good playlist and everything, however the sound guy had no idea what he was doing, and for some reason my sound was completely mesed up coming out of the PA… no idea what happened, and nor did the sound guy. So it was fun playing for 150 or so people at Club156, but i was kind of frusturating having a shitty PA setup…

Heheh, but i guess, when your reading artist bios and stuff, they always have some comment about getting their “start”, playing in shitty clubs and having to deal with really bad situations.. you know, it builds character… hehe

In other Acid Lounge news, we’re working on a new logo, which will be reveled sometime in march.. stay tuned..

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