Current Events

Subject: Current Events


-Got back server job at Trattoria Girasole

-Getting car fixed after minor accident, renting shitty Pontiac Grand Am while im waiting

-went to bars with Charles, a dude in my Lit class… cool kid…has a penchant for car bombs (the drink)

-Went go cart racing in Longmont, got paid $100 for it

-Ran into Whitney from spain at The Foundry

-Drank Margaritas with Trish on our deck

-Bought Diesel jeans (on sale) and a cool Guess? shirt

-Biked up to the Betasso Preserve with Matthieu

-Chatted with Elihue, the manager of Juanita’s, about the evils of chem class

-Bought a Nike ECG heart rate monitor watch

-Pursuaded Canon to fix my digital camera for free

-Took the grilles off my speakers (Paradigm Monitor 5’s) (now they look cooler and the tweeter sonic dispersion pattern is a little more even)

-Bought new “pure beech” sheets for my bed… and started sleeping under my covers…its just cool enough at night now

-Had a heartfelt conversation with bobrooni from

-Got my old skool Trek930 mountain bike serviced…. now it shifts smoothly and the wheels roll easier…braking is still a problem though, but at least its not such a pain in the ass to ride it to class every day.

-Kept the same 5 cd’s in my stereo (5cd changer deal) for an entire week….now it will take me months to be able listen to any of those 5 again.