Still in the ‘nati

Still nothing interesting has been going on… Sean and I went to Pirates Cove and Jillians the other day… below is a portion of an email i wrote to Martina, my Czech friend…

hey hey, how are you? its good to hear from you… yes yes, i know i havent gotten back to you in a while…. ive been super ultra busy pretty much re-starting my life in the united states. Ive been in Cincinnati at my parents house for a while now.. seeing old high school friends and getting stufff arranged to come out to boulder. On thursday my dad and are are driving my car back out there, and then i start my summer class on tuesday. The person i was goign to live with in july bailed out on my, so i think im goign to have to live in the dorms again…should be interesting..hhee, maybe i will get some pre-freshman roomate who is trying to get a “head start” on college or whatever… that would be most excelent. ITs cool that your staying in touch with people from our trip…oh yeah, and how it jitka doing? i really liked the pictures she sent to me… if you see her, tell her i said hi or whatever. When do you go back to CZ??? How are things going in london? any new pictures? i will send you some pictures as soon as i can, but it might be a while….. my digital camera broke 2 days after i got back, so i had to send it in… it will take a while for them to fix it. I feel like this is a dry letter, but thats proboboly because i havent been doing anything!

See ya!