Nothing interesting

Yeah so, i know i havent been updating my blog alot lately but really, thats because nothing worthwhile has really happened. I got back from Europe a little while ago, and now im chilling at home in Ohio, cleaning up some stuff and getting ready to go out to colorado. I wasnt able to find a place to live next year, so i think i may end up having to live in the dorms in july and pray i find a place to live…so if you need a roomate or know anyone who needs a roomate, let me know.

Also, the other night at about 5am, while everyone was asleeping, a giant, 60 foot high tree in my back yard fell…the whole base of the trunk just snapped off and the whole thing fell on the barn in our backyard…it was amazing…i didnt wake up or anything, but i took a bunch of pictures the next morning for the insurance deal and whatnot…

Im kind of missing being in europe, chilling with all my friends, especially those crazy Czechs…you know who you are..But it will be good to get back to boulder and get back to Radio1190 and back to school, start up my life again, make some new friends and whatnot.

Oh, i was bored the other night so i made a profile on… check ouy my profile and give me a good rating