Thanksgiving wrapup, Spain, Jobsearch, Holiday Gifting

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ooo, Smashing Pumpkins on the stereo at the coffee shop…excelent, I havent heard from them in a long time.


–Thanksgiving wrapup

–Goin’ to Spain


–Holiday Gifting


So anyway, Thanksgiving went pretty well. I went home to chill with my family and see some old friends. Chris and I chilled alot, and on friday night, Chris and Ali (Chris’ sister) and I went out to see “The Ring“. It was scary. Some history on me and Chris and scary movies. At the end of this past summer, we met up in NYC to chill out and visit some friends. One night we were in the city, we decided to go see “Signs“, that mel gibson movie about aliens and crop circles. Yeah, we didnt think it would be too scary, but pretty much the whole movies, we were literally shaking and covering our eyes. It was insane, we were totally completely freaked out…i think the culmination of it was that scene where they show the home video on the news (in the movie) and its of those kids in mexico or wherever freaking out inside their house…the camera is looking out one window, wiith the kids in front of the camera looking out the window…then the kids and the camera pan to the left to look out another window that is kind of looking down an alley…after about 5 seconds of the kids freaking out but nothing out the window, you just see this sketched out silowette of an alien take 2 steps across the alley and dissapear…holy shit, that was freaky.

So anyway, we saw the ring the other day…it was pretty scary, although i didnt think it was as scary at Signs. There are all these scenes where they actually show what was on “The Tape”, and i kept closing my eyes cause i was freaked out…amazing.

Chilled at Waltor’s house with Alex, Lucy (sunshine), Liz, Ben, Eric and Sean….it was interesting seeing everyone again.

Other than that, the rest of thanksgiving went well….my sister Jill had a party at our house for all her old high school friends, and i went and partied with some of my friends. Oh, and on the way back, I chilled with Hanna, one of my sisters friends who happens to go to the same school as I do. In fact, i am pretty good friends witih hanna’s older sister Rachel. It was interesting hanging out with her and whatnot.


So my project to go to Spain is coming along nicely… I sent in my Visa application to the Spanish Consulate in Chicago today. I hope they grant me a visa and mail it back to me in time. Also, I confirmed my flight reservations today, which means I’m definetly going! Excelent! Instead of the big group flight which leaves from Miami, I just got a flight from Cincinnati to New York, then New York to Madrid, Spain. If you didn’t notice….I live in Boulder, Colorado. My flight leaves from Cincinnati, Ohio. So I think what I’m going to do is im going to drive my car back to cincinnati and leave it at home when im in Spain. So if you want to drive to cincinnati with me sometime in Januray, drop me a line! Lets make it a road trip! word. Also im having some thoughts about my course selection and whatnot for spain, i may have to stay in school a while longer, but on the other hand, i might get a minor in spanish.


Ok, so after this semester ends on December 17th, im going to have to get a job so i can make some cash money to spend in Spain. Got any ideas? Want to give me a job? please? I think im gonna try to work as a parking dude (valet parking, NOT a meter maid(never!)) Or I’m gonna try to work for a catering company….we’ll see…

Holiday Gifting–

Ok, so for this holiday season, I got a pretty sweet present from my little brother Jason. He got me this ultra cool wireless optical rechargeable mouse.Cash money. hehe, if you want, click Comment under this entry and let everyone know what you have gotten for the holidays. Oh, and in case you care, mywishlist is online.

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