Ok, so i just talked to Jen Storck, who is in France studying abroad right now

Ok, so i just talked to Jen Storck, who is in France studying abroad right now. She said she’s having a great time, and had some comments about here experience. Feel free to email her at jenski_9@hotmail.com if you want to talk to her about france or studying abroad or anything! Here’s what she had to say!

“How can I describe in a few short lines what i have experianced and seen in just a few short months. France the country of cheese, wine and bread, welcomed me in August with a broken foot, all alone, wondering what in the world I am doing here. Now three months later I look back and I know that this has and is the best thing I could have ever done for myself. The people I have met, the places I have been are like non other. Advice:

study abroad, get a rail pass, travel….you will see places that you didnt expect that you would. With my fridays free of class I jump on a train pretty much each thurs. after class to head to a new destination. Spain, Germany and my favorite…Switzerland (it looked like home..plus i needed to get my snow fix). Living in a town two hours by train west of Paris, Rennes, I have experianced not the typical french culture but that of the Bretens. With thick celtic roots, a completly different language my town gets transformed into a giant Fest Noz on the weekends…where until the wee hours of the morning you dance. Not any typical dance but pure Bretagne dancing…linked together by arms, pinkies and circles….we dance, getting our months workout in one night.Would there be things I would change? Should I have just stayed in boulder? Questions are constantly swimming in every foreign students head but in all…dont think…just live and that is when you see the small, unbelievable memories that will last a lifetime. I come home in a month…excited to hit the slopes and see friends…but I will always remember this…never regreting!!”

(Jen is on the left in the white shirt)