So I’m going to Breckenridge tomorrow to scope out a job and a bed

So I’m going to Breckenridge tomorrow to scope out a job and a bed…cause I want to move there for January, before I go away to spain.

I FINALLY found out the girl who sits next to me in biopsych classes name!! Her name is Brandy. She’s awsome, a great person to talk to….super nice and sweet and pretty and smart and stuff…too bad she has a boyfriend. On a similar note, things didnt go as well as i wanted with Molly today…saw her before the test and said hi and chatted, then after the test i asked her if she wanted to go get dinner…she said she was going out tonight to the bars and stuff…I know she has plans for the rest of the weekend…but should i have asked her for her phone number and just said somethinig like “do you want to do SOMETHING SOMETIME”?? Or is that a little too ambiguous and a lame excuse to ask for a phone number?

Tonight i’m going to a cocktail party at my friend Abby’s house…should be fun, and ill get to see a bunch of friends whom i havent hung out with in a while….and PHOTOS of that event will be online in tomorrows post, assuming everything goes well.

Holy shit, I think I have a fan…

Off I go….

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