In this post: —Daily Itinerary —Biopsych Scene (cont.)

>In this post:

—Daily Itinerary

—Biopsych Scene (cont.)

—Fun With Moose

—Minty Fresh

Ok, so today was pretty boring. Got up, went to math class at 9, then came back here and took an hour and a half long nap. Naps are good, usually. Then i went on campus and met Carolyn for lunch. Actually, come to think of it, i had a dream about her during my nap…weird. The rest of the day I spent studying for my biopsych exam and getting stuff ready for dj’ing at Juanita’s on tuesday. Also, i talked to both Omry and Chad from Radio1190 and the 3 of us are going to Thievery Corporation on Tuesday…cash money. Check back here wednesday to hear how it all went.

So then tonight, I went to buchannans to study biopsych with Molly (other molly, NOT my roomate molly) and this other girl. Studying went well, although we all got burt out pretty quick. Molly gets cooler every time i see her. So i learned tonight that, like my mother, her mother is a personal trainer and fitness freak. Excelent. Molly, like me, also used to teach Spinning classes. In fact, she has had Johnny G stay over at her house. I have been to his world headquarters in LA and met him. Molly also saw Garbage and No Doubt the other day…check this out…Molly’s mother is Shirly Manson’s personal trainer, so a day or two before the show, Shirly Manson and Molly went out for sushi together…that is the coolest thing ever. Hehe, i thought it was funny that she used to have a bowl cut…but now she’s letting it grow out, which is cool..long hair rocks. ok, that all about Molly…i hope she doesnt get scared or whatever if she reads this.

oh yeah, so tonight, after i was done studying for biopsych at buchannans, i went over to Erik and Eric’s place. We watched the end of a Warren Miller kicked ass…there were these speed skiiers who were bombing themselves straight down mountain at up to like 150 miles per hour…its incredible, especially when they fall and the friction on the snow burns holes in their protective suits (scary!). so then after that we went to target and bought things that were flammable…the best we could do was some hair moose and afro oil styling spray..and some water baloons…we sprayed the hairspray into the baloons and took them outside and set them on fire…good, clean fun. Oh yeah, so now erik is im’ing me these pictures of him and Eric having fun with the moose…incredible…moose is fun to play with and whatnot…

Erik and Eric had fun with hair moose

if you chew it for too long, Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill gum starts to taste really bad. But thanks again Grandma T for buying me a whole case of it…it gives me minty fresh breath!