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  • The Quiet Reading Room

    There are about 150 people living here at south pole, and we’re all right on top of each other at the station. Sometimes it’s nice to get away and have some quiet time – and to facilitate that, here’s our quiet reading room and library. This room is used as a library, piano recital studio,…

  • Staying In Shape While Living On A Frozen Polar Station

    Staying In Shape While Living On A Frozen Polar Station

    Yep, we even have a pretty nice workout room at the south pole station. Including treadmills, eliptical, spinning bikes, rowing machines, weight machines, and a full rack of weights. Additionally, there’s a TV and stereo setup right in front of the treadmills, so movies can be watched.

  • The South Pole Sauna

    It’s cold here at the south pole – today it’s a balmy -46.1F. So to stay warm, among other ways, we have our own sauna here on station. It’s open for anyone to use, and feels great after being outside all day. Two pics: The entrance room: The Sauna – nice and warm:

  • The South Pole Station Crew Loves Petzl!

    The South Pole Station Crew Loves Petzl!

    Here at the South Pole Station, living and working in -45F (today’s weather) temperatures, we’re hard on our gear. And in order to stay producive, a lot of the gear we rely on is made by Petzl. For me personally, this includes my work helmet, as well as headlamp. Recently a few of us got…

  • Exploring the South Pole Telescope

    Exploring the South Pole Telescope

    By far one of the most impressive structures here at the south pole is the South Pole Telescope. This gigantic microwave telescope is housed in the Dark Sector Laboratory, and features the iconic satellite dish extending out the roof. Over the course of the Summer 2012-2013 south pole season, I’ve had the opportunity to spend…

  • The Supply Arch

    The Supply Arch

    Here at the south pole station, we need a lot of supplies – machinery, food, fuel, building supplies, etc. It’s all stored in a few locations around the station grounds – and the bulk of our food is stored in the supply arch. This steel structure lies buried by the snow right next to the…

  • Destination Alpha

    Destination Alpha is where you want to be. It’s our code name for what’s basically the front door of the station. A few pics of this grand entrance to our frozen outpost at the south pole: If you’re flying into Pole for the first time, after getting off the plane, you’ll walk a short distance…