Ethan Zoubek’s Six Steps to Make Room

Boomtown-Accelerator-LogoToday at Boomtown Accelerator, we were treated to a presentation by mentor Ethan Zoubek, who spoke about key concepts in relating to people and making room in your life and mind for things to just… happen. Here are a few notes from Ethan’s talk.

  1. Practice slowing down
    1. “Shower thoughts”
    2. `Recognize that a sale is not an event, it is a sequence of events.
  2. Practice naming the source
    1. Only two sources of things – either Love or Fear
    2. Fear of not getting something you want, or fear of losing something that you have. (Like getting freaked out about fund raising)
    3. Be aware of motive and intent.
    4. Before starting a call, meeting, or talk – slow down for a second, and define your intent. Consider shifting from fear to love.
  3. Practice detachment
    1. Try to get ahold of and eliminate the practice of “future-tripping”. Don’t get flipped out about the future. Give a deal etc everything you’ve got, but once you’ve given it your all, detach. Let it happen
    2. Detachment does not equal Indifference
  4. Practice giving
    1. Give with no thought of what you’ll receive in return
    2. A moral and spiritual cleansing
    3. Example – corporate content marketing, white papers, etc. Although there’s a lot of calculation involved there.
    4. Geek Squad how-to videos are a great example
  5. Practice not knowing
    1. Remain teachable
    2. Build vulnurabiliy to foster connection
    3. Just ask – Make no assumptions. No guessing
    4. “Ask the second question”
  6. Practice the next indicated action
    1. We operate in dense of furious activity, and have huge to do lists. Slow down, breathe a bit, consider source, detach a little bit, and then the next action that you should take will make itself clear.
    2. If you give it room, the next thing that should happen will present itself