NYC Pizza in CO? Reviewing Boulder Colorado’s “Brooklyn Pizza”

NYC Pizza in CO? Reviewing Boulder Colorado’s “Brooklyn Pizza”

Brooklyn-Pizza-Boulder-Colorado-Review-LogoTo be clear, I haven’t actually tried the new Brooklyn Pizza in Boulder, Colorado yet , but I gave them five stars on Yelp because I don’t hate them, and I admire their willingness to at least try to pull this kinda thing off. Anyway, here are my general feelings on this endeavor, written after reading a review by Stewart Ward. Someday I hope to actually go try this place, but for now, my initial impressions on just hearing that a place like this is trying to exist.

I’m a crust person. And a New Yorker.

Saying that you can make NY pizza here in Colorado is complete bullshit. It’s the water, and you can’t get the water anywhere but nyc. Even if you try to transport it, it loses its “je ne sais quoi”. Also, “trying” to make NY pizza is wrong in itself. You can’t deliberately make NY pizza – there’s no sort of “gourmet technique” you can use. It has to be made fast and dirty by the guys behind the counter, reheated when you order it, and served on paper plates. Finally, that slice pictured in the review barely barely covers the plate. Proper pizza spills off the plate and gets grease everywhere. I can’t even see the beginning of a grease stain on that plate.

Yeesh, what’s next, a bagel shop, and then a deli? NO


**Update 2016-03-26**

I’ve tried it now. It’s pretty good. Actually, for a pizza slice in general, it’s great. I’d say if you’re looking for a tasty slice, go to Brooklyn Pizza or Cosmos.  But still, it’s not a real NYC slice.






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  1. Its better then NY pizza slice because I use better ingredients and also I leaved in NY for 25 years and now pizza

    1. Thanks for the comment! And now, after actually trying your pizza on a number of occassions, I can honestly say that yes, it is pretty damn good! You still can’t replicate the nyc atmosphere here in boulder, but as far as a quality slice, anywhere, yours certainly holds its own. :)