The WAIS Galley Tent – Community and Food

The WAIS Galley Tent – Community and Food

At WAIS Divide Field Camp, almost all of the buildings are various kinds of tents and compact structures. The galley is made out of the combination of a RAC Tent, and the “Galley Module”, a hard-sided module attached to one end of the tent. The galley is not only used for food, but also as a communal space for announcements, stretching, and lectures. It’s also the designated primary muster point for the camp, and very much serves as a central social hub of the camp.

Food at WAIS, given the extreme remoteness of the camp, is pretty great! Fresh, hot meals are served for all 3 meals of the day, with a pretty decent variety. The lack of fresh food is a bit of a pain, but given the supplies, everything tastes pretty good. In addition to the prepared meals, there’s also lots of snacks, and 24/7 coffee, tea, and other drinks.

Also in the galley, there’s a projector screen, which is used for weekly science lectures and presentations. The stereo plays almost all the time, and between meals, people hang out at the tables and relax. For a camp in such a harsh environment, the galley is really an “Owaisis” of comfort and community.

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Serving station, with the kitchen in the backround.

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