IceStock 2015 – McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Every year at McMurdo, to usher in the new year, there’s a giant concert celebration that takes place in the middle of town. Bands that have been formed in the beginning part of the season, as well as bands formed over the years, all get a chance go play for the town. It’s a huge party, with days of setup, and months of preparation going into it. This year, in addition to an amazing list of bands, there was also a Chili Cookoff.

Highlight for me include listening to “Shitty and Loud”, who really were shitty and loud, declaring Chief Andre’s firehouse chili my personal winner (definitely beating the Kiwi’s “chili”, and making the strange realization that all of my WAIS Divide field camp amigos had all brought our own costumes for field camp.

A few pics, and video clips from the celebration..