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McMurdo’s General Store – Anything You Want In The Middle of Nowhere

Since I’ve been stuck at McMurdo Station, Antarctica for the past week, I’ve had numerous opportunities to shop at the McMurdo General Store. This is the place on station to get gifts, souvineers, clothing, movies, liquor, and just about anything else you could need to feel comfortable. In addition to just providing general goods, interestingly, it seems that the general store and “shopping” experience is a comforting bit of “back in civilization” behavior. I’ve caught both myself and other friends numerous times shopping around in the store, not looking for anything in particular, but just looking around and feeling more at home.

Anyway, here are a few pics of what’s available:


  1. Flavio says:

    That’s interesting and it’s really just like a regular store. Just wondering: are things as overpriced as I think they are?

    • Y.M.Kakar. says:

      So, you are there in the General Store for a second time ? Hope somethings good were purchased specially for Christmas ? Why not the Post Cards as seen in the pictures for your friends including me ?
      And yes, why not a short tour to your local Post Office at the Base so we can see how it was functioning ?
      Regards and season’s greetings to you all there ?

  2. Dean Bonner says:

    I’ve had a humour book published. It is sold on five continents. To whom do I speak to get it into the store inventory?

  3. Greg Stephens says:

    Was there in 1976 delivering JP4 & 5. I was a crew member of the USNS Maumee. Had to close the port hole in my quarters to simulate night in order to sleep. What an awesome adventure. We moored next to Scott’s Hut. A memory I’ll take to my grave!

  4. Connor says:

    Is there a way I can buy the hoodies etc at the store. Is there a separate store that sells the mcmurdo tees etc not in Antarctica?

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