Climbing Mt. Sneffels to 14,150 feet

Climbing Mt. Sneffels to 14,150 feet

This past week, my climbing partner Sean Safdi and I successfully the Mt. Sneffels summit loop climb, topping out at the 14,150 foot peak in perfect weather. A few pics from our climb.

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To access the trailhead, we drove from Telluride, Colorado to Ouray, Colorado and then up a 4WD road outside of Ouray into Yankee Boy Basin. The 4WD road was fine for most of the time, however the running boards on our Jeep Liberty took a beating, and had to be ripped off with a tire iron in the middle of the drive.

2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3656-FullWM
2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3672-FullWM

Yankee Boy Road, leading up the basin.
2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3710-FullWM

Starting out the hike, instead of following markers to the Mt. Sneffels scree field ascent, we instead took the Blue Lakes Saddle trail up to the Southwest Ridge. Once we were at the saddle, we turned to take on the jagged and steep knife edge Southwest Ridge leading to the summit.
2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3717-FullWM
2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3743-FullWM

Mt. Sneffels Climbing Routes Map

Blue lakes on the other side of the saddle.
2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3763-FullWM

Getting steeper towards the summit.
2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3782-FullWM
2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3795-FullWM
2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3826-FullWM
2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3844-FullWM

On the summit of Mt. Sneffels, one of Colorado’s 14’ers. What a great climb!
2013-09-03 Mt. Sneffles - IMG_3868-FullWM