Back to Yangon for a Day – Goodbye Myanmar!

Two weeks definitely was not enough time to spend exploring Myanmar, but it was finally time for me to move on to my next adventure. I returned with my new friends back to Yangon, and decided to stay in town for another few days to relax and see some more friends in town.

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The first night a few of us went out to eat noodles on the street with a pack of dogs, and then went to a friend’s art exhibit in an abandoned building on the ourskirts of town.
2013-05-17 Back in Yangon - IMG_4028-FullWM
2013-05-17 Back in Yangon - IMG_4038-FullWM
2013-05-17 Back in Yangon - IMG_4056-FullWM

Another day of relaxing at small cafes on the street, biking around town with chicken traders, and then I was off to the airport for my flight from Yangon, Myanmar to Chiang Mai, Thailand.
2013-05-17 Back in Yangon - IMG_4075-FullWM
2013-05-17 Back in Yangon - IMG_4082-FullWM

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  1. Hey Jeff – Cool blog! Happy travels…. Pam