Into the Balinese Mountains: Munduk

Into the Balinese Mountains: Munduk

After a few weeks on the beach in Bali, it was time time get out – and into the cool air of the northern Balinese mountains. Friend Andi was nice enough to have rented me a motor bike the week prior, and so I packed up my bags, hopped on the bike, and headed up north towards Munduk. Driving out of the crowds and into the mountains was great – and as I climbed higher, the heat and humidity started to decrease – but just a little. A few pics from Munduk.

With my bike, and bag – that’s my excellent GoLite Jam 50 backpack wedged in the front.
2013-03-21 Munduk Bali - IMG_2164-FullWM

The view from my homestay in Munduk.
2013-03-21 Munduk Bali - IMG_2212-FullWM
2013-03-21 Munduk Bali - IMG_2231-FullWM

Hiking to Munduk’s waterfall, which was beautiful.
2013-03-21 Munduk Bali - IMG_2268-FullWM

Relaxing in the Banjar Hot Springs with Elisabeth.
2013-03-21 Munduk Bali - IMG_2303-FullWM

A bit of coffee by the lake during my ride back to Ubud.
2013-03-21 Munduk Bali - IMG_2379-FullWM